Be responsible - show commitment


Social responsibility means to arouse and encourage children´s and young people´s interest in engineering. It is our aim to take responsibility and to support them.


Four Partners, politics, parents, educational system and economy, are equally important for the promotion of young people. Politics account for 25%, parents for 25%, the educational system accounts for 25% and finally the economy for 25%. By working together these partners can achieve 125%. Our task as industrial company is to convey practical skills and experiences in order to arouse the children´s interest for their future career. It is of paramount importance to make young people aware of their chances. As soon as they know their skills and talents they are able to choose a suitable future job.


It is our strong conviction that educational policy is necessary for our future. MIT´s commitment and actions contribute to improving practical orientated education and furthermore facilitates important qualifications.


Mr. Tenhaef is voluntarily involved in several institutions, for instance he holds an office in the IHK Ostwestfalen. Additionally he is active in OWL-Marketing GmbH and is chairman of the company-network OWL Maschinenbau e.V.


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